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Reading Heart (COVID-19)

We love having book parties and handing out free books but we love everyone being healthy even more. Since our book parties are made up of kids getting together to celebrate reading and then picking out their very own free book, we're suspending our events until the risk of community transmission has abated.

While us kids are generally considered to be at low-risk of severe effects of coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to be mindful of the fact that many of our family members and supporters might be in a higher risk category.

To help kids know that the adults are here to protect them, remind them that doctors, nurses and scientists are working hard to keep everyone safe and that adults in their life are also there for protection. Us kids need to be reminded that it's not our job to stop the virus but that we can help by using proper hand washing techniques, by covering our noses and mouths if we sneeze or cough, and by not touching our faces.

We can remind kids that no person or group of people are responsible for being sick and that we can help them by being mindful of what they hear or see on the news, asking them how they're feeling about what they have seen and heard, and by helping them find answers to their questions from kid-friendly sources.

So because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) Reading Heart is going to pause on our events to make sure our friends and communities are safe. We still will be doing major work trying to get free books to kids, and staying home with a good book is a great thing to do right now!

Please take the time to learn more about our ongoing projects

Education Matters Book Tour
Powered by Clawson Cares

Get ready to go on a crazy ride! Reading Heart has packed up THOUSANDS of books in our custom mobile library and travel to elementary schools all over the Central Valley. Reading Heart plans to share how reading can take you anywhere! Our passion for books has allowed Reading Heart to grow to be a fun and educational business, where kids can learn all the steps on how to run a non-profit. With help from the community we have collected over 700,000 books and are now ready to share those books with every child. Please help us fight illiteracy by following us on and sharing our passion with everyone you know.

Together we can ensure that all kids have an opportunity to read and succeed!

Images of the fun

How It Works

Music & Dancing

First Reading Heart will get the party started with some cool music and a little fun. Next, the teachers will have 41 seconds to learn a new dance and will be challenged to try their new dance moves in front of the kids. Last but definitely not least the kids have the opportunity to try the cool dance moves as we shoot out free shirts from our custom Reading Heart T-shirt blaster.

Reading Challenge

Reading Heart always explains the importance of reading and provides the kids with a challenge to read a book and pass it one to a friend. Reading Heart's goal is to encourage each kid to read a book then pass their book on so kids will always have a book to read.

Gifts & Confetti Fun

The more books the kids read the more free gifts the kids are eligible to receive. These gifts consist of; free yogurt coupons, cool passes to fun adventure parks, and more! After the gifts are announced and how the kids can receive their gifts then Reading Heart will bring back the fun! On every tour Reading Heart has a big finale to end the show which includes lots of excitement and CONFETTI! The kids get a chance to pay the teachers back for all the homework they give out by letting us shower them with a lot of confetti and the kids love it!

Free Books

Reading Heart understands that having fun is a part of life however; the most important part of this book tour is that every kid has a chance to receive a free book of their choice. Reading Heart provides each school with an awesome array of books that the kids get to choose from. One important fact to always remember when reading is when kids get to choose their own books there is a higher chance that kids will develop a healthy habit of reading.

What The Kids Get

What Kids Think

Event Dates


February 2022


* Please be aware that we do not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of this outside information. Neither Reading Heart nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering information for the calendar events is liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages arising out of access to, or use of information gathered for the events calendar.

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