Book Tables

Our Book Tables are one of the main tools used when we hand out free books. As we set up the display of books these tables are used as the platform for them to lay on. The Book Tables allow us to always have a good selection of books displayed since we can keep replacing the books as the children take them. With these custom tables we can set up a book display in no time because the books will travel with the tables. Another great feature is they also hold our bags full of more free gifts encouraging the kids to read more.

We Need You

We need your help getting all eight of these tables built. With these table and your support Reading Heart can grow to be a more efficient book donation program. We will proudly display the name of the person/company on each table supported. If you would like to help us give the kids better choices of books and be more efficient please select one of the options below to help support this mission

3D Design By - Kai

Kai R
Studing: Mechanical Engineering
PH: 740-661-2199

Kai is pursing a Mechanical Engineering degree in the Lyles College of Engineering Honors Program at Fresno State. In the future, she would like to pursue a career in mechanical design or architecture. Her hobbies include soccer, taking care of her plants, and being with her dog.

How To Support Our Future Tables

Sponsor 1 Table ($500)

Help us give the kids more book choices and get more books to them. These newly designed book tables will make that happen. They can be fitted end to end and wheeled out for distribution. They dramatically cut back our time to unpack and re-pack.

Sponsor 2 Tables ($1,000)

The new book tables can carry extra books below, so we can quickly replace books after kids make their choices. And the book choices won't be picked over by the time the last kids get their chance to select. The kids will all get a better experience.

Donated Materials

Maybe you have the parts needed to build the new tables. Or maybe you'd like to donate money to purchase them. The wheels and other materials are as important as any other part of this project. You can help the kids this way, too.

Build A Box

You may have the ability and the tools to construct a box yourself. We will make the design plans and specifications available for those who want to contribute their time and skills to build the tables. We welcome your participation.

Current Tables

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