Reada "The Reading Ram"

Reada is important because she allows us to grow and give free books to children in more places. At one point, Reading Heart was in jeopardy without the wheels to move the books. We feel like we can do anything now. Learn more about her and if you ever see her around don't forget to wave and say hi.

About Reada

Where She Is From

In our time of need, Clawson Cares came to the rescue. Before we started our tour, we realized that we didn't have a vehicle strong enough to move the books. Clawson Cares found out about our lack of power and came to save the day.

To our delight, they let us know that they wanted to make sure all kids in underserved areas had books just like everyone else. So Reada was born! Thousands of kids would still be without books if it wasn’t for the donation from Clawson Cares. Now with Reada on our team, we have given out more than 500,000 books. And we’re on our way to reach a total of 1 million kids.

Thank you, Clawson Cares!

Please support the people that support us. 

Her Stats

She is as strong as 410 horses
is a thin 12,300 lbs
has a V shape waist with 8 pack abs
has (4) feet that are 18" wide
can drink 32 gallons of her favorite energy drink (diesel)
is 21ft 5in long
her waist size is 79″
and she is 80″ tall

Voice: Vanessa Ferguson

Why She Is So important
Reada is the power behing Reading Heart. She helps us move books from location to location, picks up all of our suppiles and the is only truck stong enough to pull all of our trailers.

Because Reada is so powerful we can move over 10,000 books at one time, allowing us to reach more kids at every event. She is the reason why we have been able to grow bigger and bigger.

Reada is our big sister!

What She Loves

Reada loves to take long drives
Going to schools and hanging out with kids
Holding lots of books
Hanging out with Booker The Book Box (the trailer)
Playing music real loud
Helping others
When people wave and say hi
Carrying heavy stuff
Hugging kids with her seatbelts
Drinking her energy drink
Making sure we are safe
What Could Help Us


We have to do a lot of driving around going from school to school. Reada could really use someone to support her love for her special energy drink (diesel). We spend around $300-$400 a month.


Reada loves to be clean. She like to take a shower 1-3 times a week. It would help us so much if we had support in this area.


It would help us so much if we had support with our insurance. The money we use to make sure Reada is covered could give almost 200 kids free books every month.


We would love to update our grill and lights. We feel it would make being by Reada safer if the lights flashed when she is around the kids. We want to let the kids know when it is and isn't safe to be in front of her.


Impressing the kids is very impotant. The cooler Reada look the cooler it is to run up to her and get FREE books. Adding nice rims to her will make her that much more "cooler".

Step Bar

Reada is a big girl, so big that sometimes it is hard for the little-ones to get into her. Having a step bar would make it so much better for Reada's friends to hop inside.

Floor Mats

Kids love to play inside Reada and sometimes they forget to wipe thier shoes. Having good strong floor mats would help keep her clean.

How Others have Helped

The Fuel Box donated something very special to us, our tool box. We call it Reada's Backpack. This is one of the coolest things to have on a truck. We are able to storge so much stuff in it. One time, 5 of us got in there just to see if we all could fit (we did)

Reada's backpack is large and is always filled with the stuff we need for our events and collecting more books. We also love it because it doesn't hang over the top of Reada. It is so cool to be able to have all of your toys with you in a safe place.

Thank you, Fuel Box

B&W Trailer Hitches donated a hitched to us that is so very important, we don't even know how we survived without it. Now that we have more than one trailer, Reada is always going from one to the other. It is crazy because each trailer has it own ball size and height. It use to take us 2-5mins just to change our hitches and get ready for each trailer. NOT ANY MORE! Now that we have the B&W Hitch it only takes us 30 seconds to get ready for the next trailer. That is super cool. One day we had to switch between each trailers 18 times. We would not have be able to do it without our new hitch.

Thank you, B&W Trailer Hitches

Our Wish List

If you would like to help us with Reada or the things that keep her going:

Click here to view our list Reading Heart's Wishlist

On The Move

Reada is always on the go. Check out our Book Tour page to see where she will be next: Book Tour

Contact Us

Reading Heart
Mail: 7081 N Marks Ave #104 PMB 237
Fresno, CA 93711
415 881 7323

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