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Reading Heart's hope is to distribute 1,000,000 books to kids in need in the Central Valley and help ignite a love of reading. In 2019 Frito Lay donated two decommissioned delivery trucks for Reading Heart to use as mobile book vehicles to take to parks, community centers, hospitals, or any location to help reach more kids where they are.

Quiring is working with Reading Heart to outfit these vehicles and create something that is both functional and fun! Our hope is that when kids experience the mobile book vehicles, they will get excited about reading, see its importance and the value of continuing their education. Both of these vehicles need a complete redesign of the inside to transform them into book parties on wheels.

Truck on over to celebrate the newest additions! Reada the Reading Ram just got two little siblings and we need you to join us in welcoming them to the Reading Heart family!

Axel and Lexa are mischievous little twins who are always looking for a great party. Axel is a mobile library who is ready to bring free books to kids, especially those in underserved areas. Lexa is an electronic education lab where kids can learn things like coding, web production and graphic design. Together, they're ready to hit the road to bring fun reading and learning opportunities to kids everywhere.

If you're interested in keeping these hungry kids fed, please contact Reading Heart for sponsorship and donation opportunities. Your funds will help keep Axel and Lexa on the road with things like truck maintenance and gas needs. If you are a non-profit which supports literacy, please contact Reading Heart to have Axel and Lexa come visit you!

Join the fun with building the twins:
Contact Tiffany Spencer, Quiring General - 559.432.2800 or Download our sponsorship package

Stay tuned for clues on where to find Axel and Lexa and expect the greatest adventures!


About The Twins

Who Built/Designed Them

In 1947, Quiring Construction was founded on the principal that building relationships would be their proudest project. Since then, Quiring Construction continues to value relationships which is demonstrated by their annual employee challenge to work on projects benefitting the community. In 2019, Quiring Construction graciously volunteered to adopt Reading Heart as their service challenge project. 40 Quiring staff were assigned to work on Axel, the mobile library and 40 people were assigned to work on Lexa the mobile technology learning center. These teams of Quiring staff are completely renovating the outside and inside of these trucks to make them Reading Heart-ready. The expected completion date is May, 30, 2020.

Thank you, Quiring!

Please support the people that support us. 

Where are they from

Axel and Lexa are retired from Frito-Lay where they spent years delivering yummy snacks. Frito-Lay wanted to give Lexa and Axel a new job of helping the community, so Axel and Lexa were adopted by Reading Heart to bring books and learning to the communities that could be reached by mobile services. Thank you to Frito-Lay for having great taste in choosing a new family for Lexa and Axel!

Thank you, Lays!

How Did They Get Their Names
When the trucks were delivered to Reading Heart, we put out a poll to our social media friends. We knew we needed names for our new “twins� and the names Axel and Lexa were the favorites. Axel and Lexa are palindromes, which means that their names read the same backwards and forwards. Axel and Lexa are excited to hit the road to meet all of their new friends!

Why Are They So important
KIDS COUNT data demonstrates that a child who reads at grade level by the end of third grade is one of the best predictors of whether or not a child will graduate from high school on time or at all. The Washington Post reported that “…parents of very young children among the top 25% of earners are more than twice as likely to have at least ten books in the home than those from the bottom quartile.� Reading Heart is changing the game and making sure that income, zip code and demographics don’t matter and that every child has the opportunity to have books and safe spaces to learn. Lexa and Axel are instrumental in this goal by bringing books and learning opportunities to kids in areas that may not have accessible lending libraries or opportunities to learn coding and web design. We’re coming to you to make reading and learning fun.

The Twins Photos

Our Wish List

If you would like to help us with The Twins or our other projects:

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Help with the build

Quiring needs your help restoring, redesigning and outfitting these vehicles to get kids inspired to read. We are seeking partners to contribute donations that can help make this a reality.
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