Volunteers are the heart and soul of this community effort to solve the book gap. Reading Heart welcomes many types of volunteers—from individuals and groups who have two hours to give to those who can help a few hours each week or month to those who have professional skills to contribute or want projects of their own. Every helping hand allows us to serve more children. All ages are welcome and we are happy to sign off on school community service forms.

“I enjoyed imagining how many kids might be reached with this day of service, discovering a world of books they might not have otherwise. So simple, yet so profound…”


Volunteers Needed

Treasure Hunter (Grant Writer)

This volunteer is always on the lookout for opportunities to find treasure. Treasure to Reading Heart often comes in the form of grants, awards and sponsorship opportunities. The ideal candidate would be someone who has some familiarity or experience with non-profits or would like to familiarize themselves with grant funding opportunities.

The Originator (Graphic/Video Designer)

This volunteer will primarily be tasked with cleaning up photos/videos that will be used on marketing materials but also may assist in designing and developing the marketing materials. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to put their Photoshop skills to practice and for someone who’d like to contribute their creativity to materials used by Reading Heart.

Book Hunter

This volunteer scours craigslist, NextDoor, FB marketplace, estate sales and similar resources to find books for donation to Reading Heart. This is a great opportunity for someone who already loves looking for garage sales and opportunities to collect or resell items.

The Seeker

This volunteer is tasked with finding treasures that Reading Heart might need to continue its mission, such as binders, bookmarks, or accessories for Reada. The ideal person would be someone who likes scavenger hunts and finding specialty items.

Volunteer Types

Kids are welcome to help, as a matter of fact we encourage it! Reading Heart is a program run by kids for kids. We feel it is good for children to be exposed to the world of business at an early age.

So if your child wants to help out...Bring them on!
Kids try to do it all but some stuff we just should not touch. We have big people jobs. So we could use your help with things like that.
Reading Heart is a great way to learn the world of working with a non-profit for kids. We have jobs from warehouse work to office work that we could expose you to.
Looking for a fun way to earn your school credit? Come hang out with Reading Heart for bit and let us sign off those hours for you. We are always looking for help and have a space for you.
We have projects for small and very large groups. No group is too big for Reading Heart. We have hundreds of thousands of books that are always needing attention.

Let us be your next team project!


Volunteer Form

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