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Get ready to go on a crazy ride. We are almost ready to pack up 1,000's of books in our custom mobile library and travel to elementary schools across Central Valley. We plan to share how reading can take you anywhere! Our passion for books has allowed Reading Heart to grow to be a fun and educational business, where kids can learn all the steps to run a non-profit. With the help from the community we have collected over 500,000 books and are now ready to share those books with every child. Help us fight illiteracy by following us on sharing our passion with everyone you know.

Together we can ensure that all kids have an opportunity to read and succeed!

How does it work

We Do All The Work
We bring the fun and the books. Our party (presentation) runs about 20-35 minutes. We share the history of Reading Heart, give the kids a reading challenge, ask for audience participation where the kids have a chance to win free t-shirts, use a confetti machine on faculty (at your discretion, of course!), and lastly give each child one free book.
Reading Challenge

We give all the kids a challenge, read your free book then pass it on. The more books you read the more cool gifts you get.
Questions & Gifts

We encourge the kids to ask us questions. Kids get a free T-shirt for every cool question asked.
Make a Mess

Ok Ok, we might have a confetti machine and it might make a fun mess but we only bring it if you want the kids to have a blast watching the teachers get covered.
Free Book for Every Kid

After the show, every kid gets to go into the Mobile Library and pick out their FREE book.

Tour Dates

  • Orange CenterMar 2
  • Valley PrepApr 7
  • Burrel UnionApr 24
  • West FresnoApr 27
  • StorylandMay 6
  • ForknerMay 12
  • Columbia 650May 23
  • Nelson 600May 26
  • EasterbyJune 2
  • Library Kick-off 500June 12
  • Juneteenth 1,000June 17
  • Boys & Girls Club 200June 29
  • Girl Scouts of CC 5July 8
  • Rest Fest 600July 22
  • New Life Schools 300July 27
  • Stone Soup 100Aug 5
  • Whole Foods 800Aug 26
  • Starr 435Aug 29
  • Wolters 600Sept 5
  • Pyle 850Sept 12
  • Addicott 50Sept 19
  • Harvest Oct 3
  • Oraze 850Oct 16
  • Jackson 450Oct 24
  • Trunk or Treat 1,500Oct 27
  • Madison 700Nov 7
  • KingsNov 17
  • Tour 2018
  • Sunset 400Feb 13
  • Adams 700Feb 16
  • Robinson 520Feb 23
  • Winchell 852Feb 27
  • Rowell 770Feb 28
  • Planda 500Mar 29
  • Greenburg 600Apr 6
  • Forkner 500May 4
  • Olmos 900May 11
  • Thomas 900May 14
  • Turner 700May 25
  • Del Mar 700May 25
  • Del Mar 700May 25
  • American Un 600June 5
  • King Elementary 650Jun 6
  • Library Kick-off 500June 14

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